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VS100 – Facial Light

VS100 – Facial Light

LED colour options and uses


Red light: Wavelength of 630nm, improves cell activity, speeds up metabolism, promotes collagen formation, brightens skin, reduces wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, repairs damaged skin, shrinks pores, and has anti-ageing antioxidant efficacy.

Blue light: Wavelength of 460nm, inhibits inflammation, has bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, helps in healing acne, repairs skin without any harm, and reduces scars and pigmentation.

Green light: Wavelength of 520nm, reduces skin oil secretion, balances water and oil, relieves mental stress, dredges lymph glands, and reduces swelling.



Red and blue light: Promotes the growth of skin cells, accelerates the exfoliation of ageing cuticles, removes dull skin.

Red and green light: Improves the exchange of cell oxygen to replenish energy, aid decomposition of pigment, promote lymphatic detoxification, and improve skin roughness, wrinkles, and redness.

Blue and green light: Enhances the energy of new cells, has positive effect on metabolism, balances secretion, calms skin and controls oil.

Red, blue and green light: Improves oxygen exchange, replenishes energy to skin, promotes lymphatic detoxification, and improves skin roughness, wrinkess, and redness.


How to Use

1. Connect the adapter and switch device on.
2. Select LED colour (R, G, B) and choose intensity level between 0–10
    - you can use each colour singularly, or a
    combination (see opposite)
3. Set up treatment according to time adjustment button
    - 5–60 minutes
4. Press the start button to begin treatment.
7. Device automatically stops once treatment time is complete.

Note: if two colours are selected, the device will emit them simultaneously, however if three colours are selected, the device will flow through colours sequentially.


Not recommended for anyone with a Pacemaker. Always check with your GP before use.



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