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About Red Light Therapy

There are currently more than 6000 medical studies and published research data on red light therapy, demonstrating its effectiveness in treating various conditions. Peer-reviewed clinical trials have scientifically proven it can be used as a powerful tool to address several health concerns, such as:

Improving sleep

Assisitng with neurological disease

Healing skin injuries

Fighting depression and anxiety

Reducing fine lines

Accelerating post-exercise recovery

Increasing fat loss

Enhancing strength and endurance

Plus more...

New Age Dermatology

Welcome to the world of red light therapy.


While natural sunlight has been known to have healing properties for centuries, scientific research and clinical studies have discovered how specific wavelengths of light can provide different benefits to the human body.

NASA discovered the potential

NASA was the first to discover the potential of red light technology when they developed it to help plants grow in space. This technology used low-level red light to stimulate plant growth and help them thrive in the unique environment of space where natural light is limited. Later, NASA scientists discovered that red light technology could also have beneficial effects on human health, including wound healing and tissue regeneration. This led to the development of red light therapy as a non-invasive medical treatment and its adoption in the skincare industry for its ability to improve skin health and appearance.

Amazing benefits in your own home

As light is a necessary component for maintaining good health, it is widely recognized that light therapy has a positive impact on the body's biological processes. Today, red light therapy is used in a variety of settings, from medical clinics to beauty salons, and is a safe and effective treatment option for a range of conditions. With our state-of-the-art red light therapy, you too can experience the amazing benefits of this technology from the comfort of your own home.

Safe and effective

Viorelli is dedicated to harnessing the power of light therapy to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Through extensive research by our "Science of Light Product Development Team”, we have laser focussed in on a "therapeutic window" consisting of specific wavelengths of both visible and invisible light. By tightly controlling power intensities, we have optimised the biological benefits of both visible and invisible light to maximize the therapeutic effects on the skin. Our commitment to using cutting-edge technology and advanced research allows us to offer state-of-the-art light therapy products that are both safe and effective.

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