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VN200 – Knee

VN200 – Knee


1. Improves circulation.
2. Safe for all skin types.
3. Relieves stiffness and spasms.
4. Improves tissue hydration and oxygenation.
5. Suitable for sports injuries, arthritis, sciatica, neuropathy, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome.


How to Use

  • Connect the remote control cable to the DC power port on the red therapy knee wrap.
  • Connect the power adapter to the female DC input at the end of the remote control cable.
  • Plug the power adapter into a power socket.
  • Press the “On/Pulse/Off” button to turn on the knee wrap. Press a second time to turn on the pulse function.
  • Press “Mode Button” to toggle through the three modes:
    - Red mode (660nm)
    - Infrared mode (850nm)
    - Red + Infrared mode (660+850nm).
  • Press “time button”to set the time duration from 5–30 minutes, in 5-minute increments. The default time is 5 minutes.


Not recommended for anyone with a Pacemaker. Always check with your GP before use.



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